MINI Heaven Weekend, Part 1.

June 21, 2013  •  3 Comments

I drive my MINI 9 months in a year. Those 3 left (in the winter) I keep it off the roads mainly because of salt and snow and city drivers who don't know how to drive in bad winter condition (while living in Canada!!!).




So, when the nice weather comes, I love attending any kind of group events (big and small) where I can drive (and show off) my Clubman S. One of those times was this past weekend in June...







Enter MINI Heaven Weekend, part 1.



Prime suspect: Tamer Metwalli, the JOLTFREAK.


Just a single peak at the monster Mini "SS" he rolled down this year, tells you all about the dedication. This Egyptian-Canadian is one crazy Mini enthusiast! Because of him Mini Meet North exists.




It happened at the annual event at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park on FATHERS DAY WEEKEND from June 14 to 16, 2013 on the Mosport Grand Prix Circuit – Canada’s Home of Motorsport.




Mini meet North 2013 was part of the greater happening of The Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada and their annual event with racers from across Canada and the US comping in three days of racing in six race groups.




Over past 3 days, this was the largest annual gathering of all minis (Classics or Second generation). This is the one place where owners of "die hard" old Minis shake hands and mingle with owners of BMW made MINIs... Pure bliss!




Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is an ideal place for MINI gathering. Large grounds with great nature, great places to put up a tent, have a camp fire see a movie or "Top Gear" compiled stories featuring our little car.




Great time, while having a sounds of real auto races in the background. Seeing all these classic if not iconic race cars at one place was an experience on it's own. Sow and shine display was another chance to check out most of the great vehicles on one parking lot.




From ultra expensive racing Cobras to classic Mustangs and some vintage British and American icons on 4 wheels. And our MINIs, of course...






I attended this event with my two boys. This was their first time camping. Both passed with flying colors. Sleeping in the tent, outdoors over the chilly June night was great experience for all 3 of us. This was a chance for me to test out all additional hardware I have for Clubman, by loading it with 3 mountain bikes and all necessary camping gear for this trip, minus the food (!!!). For that we have great help and generosity from Nancy and Tamer and by crashing some lunch parties for the real racers. This test was completed with success as well. MINI can haul!




We had to leave the event a day before it ended. Sunday was the last day and judging from experience from previous year , another great day completed with some track time as well. By getting early back to the City, I was able to complete my "Heaven weekend" and making it to another MINI event, but more about it in part 2.



At the end, a big thanks to Tamer Metwalli for keeping Mini Meet North alive. It was pleasure spending time with him and his lovely family. And his ham and eggs are great! Again, thank you Nancy and Tamer...






Thanks to Cooper for making this experience complete. God Dog!


Stumbled upon your photography. They were a pleasure to view not just because of the subject matter alone. You presented the story through excellent photography!!
Bob DeShane(non-registered)
Steven, I really like your photography. Would you consider coming out to Brits On The Lake in Port Perry on August 10th & 11th?
Bob DeShane, Organizer, VARAC 2013 Canadian Historic Grand Prix(non-registered)
It is always an absolute pleasure to have all of the wonderful Mini and MINI owners and their fabulous cars join us at the Mosport Grand Prix Circuit for the annual Mini Meet North. Being a Mini owner myself, I really enjoy seeing you folks bring your cars out in support of our VARAC racing event each year. It seems very appropriate for Minis to be seen at a race track since that is a huge part of the Mini heritage.

Thanks for sharing the story of your experience and excellent photography. I look forward to seeing you all again next year!
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